• Music Production - From Pre-Production right the way through to the Mixing and Mastering stage of your Track, E.P. or Album. Email us to create a package for you.

  • Engineering & Programming - When you already have a producer on board for your project Decimal Studios can provide you an engineer and recording space .

  • Audio Post Production - Sound Design, Sound Editing, Audio Mixing and the addition of effects.

  • Voiceovers - From Adverts to Storybooks.

  • Mobile Recording - Mobile Pro Tools HD Recording anywhere in the country.

  • Music & Audio Mixing - Mixing is an art form in itself and its often the missing link to a great sounding product. Chris has been creating commercial quality music for over ten years. 

  • Music & Audio Mastering - Taking your completed tracks to the next level. Mastering is the final stage in recording and is the process of unifying and levelling your music or audio using EQ, Compression, Limiting and Spatial processes.